Music and Fun

I have written a few songs over the years - nothing great but I have fun. Here's some mp3's I put together on my home recording studio (A Roland BR-8 and more recently an iMac). I did all the parts, including singing. Anyway, I had fun and I hope you at least get a smile out of them. I recorded the NPR All Things Considered theme on slap bass, and sent it in on CD. A couple weeks later, the Director of the show, Bob Boilen, called me at home to tell me to turn on the radio so I could hear as they used the clip for the first time - very nice of him! A few days later, Friday afternoon before a Sunday Christmas, the roads were packed and I heard the clip again as I was driving. Definately the biggest audience I'll ever have...

I recently earned my Private Pilot License and have started exploring with my amazing co-pilot.

Midnight and Crew