White Dwarf Research

Ph.D. Thesis: 
"Asteroarcheology: Reading the Galactic History Recorded in the White Dwarf Stars" 

White Dwarf Evolutionary Code Summary Files Sequences 
These are C/O-core models with 10-4 fractional hydrogen and 10-2 fractional helium layers. Calculated with the "White Dwarf Evolution Code". If you use these in published research, please cite Wood (1995). Here's the BibTeX entry from ADS.

\bibitem[Wood(1995)]{1995whdw.conf...41W} Wood, M.~A.\ 1995, LNP Vol.~443: White Dwarfs, 41

The columns in the following files are:

model#, age, log Pc, log Tc, log rho_c, log R, log Te, log(L/Lsun), log(L_neutrino/Lsun), Mxtal/M (fractional crystallized mass)

Note that the age refers to the time elapsed since the envelope was manally removed from an numerically-evolved core and scaled homologously to the sequence masses linked below. In other words, they are small but somewhat arbitrary below 105 years or so.

co040.2.04 (DA) 
co050.2.04 (DA) 
co060.2.04 (DA) 
co070.2.04 (DA) 
co080.2.04 (DA) 
co090.2.04 (DA) 
co100.2.04 (DA)